One of the keys to creating a great mobile app is understanding your business objectives and identifying the appropriate strategy upfront to achieve those objectives. We will help you generate an idea by leveraging our experience and expertise to define an application, conduct a competitive analysis and user research to ensure your application strategy is best suited for your target audience and identify the core features in the app and remove the “noise.”

Mobile Application Development Strategy

Collaborative Planning

Our strategy is to craft a plan of action to match your goals. We’ll come up with concrete product plans around functionality and user experience that will be fleshed out into blueprints.

Solution Ideation

We help focus both your end goals and the best route for getting there. After formalizing business goals and differentiators, we set the specific technical approach to realize them.

Technical Blueprint

Blueprints are where strategy meets wireframes. The blueprints dictate your product’s actual functionality, user experience, and layout. You’ll notice a similarity to the building plans architects produce!

Mobile Application Development Separator

Enterprise Mobility

V&D Labs’ design skill set covers the spectrum of product creation, from basic ideation to delivery of your complete UI, all tied together by our philosophy of user-centric experience. With deep expertise in the mobile space, we can carefully guide you into new creative directions you might not otherwise have explored. We marry the best of consumer UIs to the scalability and robust architecture of your core enterprise solutions. Through this synthesis, we deliver you amazing simplicity and usability — typically unheard of in the enterprise space.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development Separator

Mobile Application Development Center of Excellence

Know Your User

Whether you’re a bootstrapped startup, a small or medium-sized business, or a funded emerging technology company, we understand the unique challenges you face each day. A mobile solution needs to blend into your full digital ecosystem – across all mobile applications as well as web, e/m-commerce, and others information channel.


V&D knows exactly how to balance and satisfy the needs of all stakeholders in your projects. We start by ensuring that all design communication is easily understandable and documented in a collaboration platform accessible to you and your team.


Our turnaround times are blistering, thanks to wide timezone coverage and superior internal efficiencies. This makes projects flow quickly and smoothly, resulting in more time for creative brainstorming and iterations.


Mobile now offers one of the biggest opportunities for companies to get their brands in front of users, but it has to be done right. V&D designers collaborate and educate on the principles of brand importance and usage specifics within the mobile spaces.