Mobile Application Development Process

Agile Delivery

“Agile” isn’t an idle adjective; it’s a specific project methodology that we’ve embraced for mobile application development. Our pragmatic approach emphasizes immediate, incremental successes and the flexibility to adapt as the project progresses. This allows for greater collaboration within our teams and creates constant feedback loops for you to weigh in on the progress of your program.

Design and Engineering

At V&D Labs, we follow agile principles of mobile application development which focuses on customer involvement, flexible planning, constant evaluation and, of course, risk management to ensure that projects are completed effectively and efficiently.

Efficiencies from Experience

Compelling, love-at-first-sight interfaces and killer graphical chops are the V&D Labs trademark. Our award winning design team produces finely polished user experiences – from distinctive app icons to every swipe, tap and flick of the finger.

Cross-Platform Development

For solutions spanning multiple platforms, we collaborate between departments to target shared engineering challenges. For a better, more native experience without doubling up on mobile application development efforts.

Mobile Application Development Separator

Mobile Application Development Provider


Since 2010 we’ve released over 50 mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Palm. Along the way, we’ve navigated almost every imaginable launch scenario, gaining unrivaled experience, media exposure, and privileged access to platform providers like Apple and Google. V&D knows publishing each way to Sunday.


While killer mobile apps are our bread and butter, V&D also specializes in powerful websites and mobile apps – either on their own or as part of a suite. We have years of experience developing for clients from the Fortune 500 to small startups. Let’s find the right mix of platforms and services for your unique timetable and budget.


Signing the paperwork is just the beginning of your collaboration with us. Our development systems – based on the wildly effective Agile methodology – ensure rapid, tangible results you’ll go hands on with each step of the way. From early internal builds to final public release, the entire process is people-centered, with client participation built into every level.